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Cakengift is owned by Online Cakes, Gifts and Flowers as the name itself says, We are specialize in delivery in cakes, flowers, chocolates, gift items and much more on order. We are well versed for our home delivery, midnight delivery and top service. We provide 100 % cake freshness Guarantee and we believe in quality and 100% customer satisfaction. You can order online cakes in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Dehradun, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad. We provide all types of cake i.e. Birthday Cakes, Anniversary Cakes, Kids Cakes, Customized Cakes, Flavored Cakes, Photo Cakes, Flowers, Fondant Cakes, Christmas Cakes, Flavored Cakes, and Gifts etc.

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Chocolate Cake


Vanilla Cake


Lemon Cake


Pineapple Cake


Black Forest Cake


Butterscotch Cake


Strawberry Cake


Fresh Fruit Cakes


Rainbow Cake


Cheese Cake



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At On the internet Delivery, we have numerous kinds of desserts that will definitely floor your receiver. In the normal desserts category, we have an array of 1 kg and 2 kg desserts that are highly delectable and those which are available in well-known flavors such as butter whisky, candy, blueberry, dark woodlands and vanilla taste. If you offer our Elegant category desserts, your receiver will experience exclusive and will realize how much you like that individual.


We have particular fresh fruit desserts, from one kg to 5 kg dimension, created out of seasonal fresh fruits that come from the most fertile orchards of the country. And Send Birthday Cakes to Sirsa, our picture desserts feature an exclusive assortment of mouthwatering desserts. You delivers us a picture which you want to embed on the sweet to be sent to your receiver. This is a exclusive way to show your creativity and your thoughtfulness. Besides, we also have our own set of picture desserts and many other. What’s more, if you are not convinced of delivering just a sweet, keep your worries behind. We offer you with a exclusive combo option. You can decide to offer a stuffed bear toy, a box of candies, a bunch of red roses, and the like along with the sweet.


Send desserts to Sirsa via On the internet Delivery, you can be confident that the sweet will be provided right on efforts and in a excellent. Our 24 / 7 client care will constantly keep you updated on the distribution status of the sweet.


In website, you can discover various kinds of desserts plus desserts for all type of activities. Pick from birthday desserts, birthday party desserts, marriage desserts, and the like; besides, you can choose desserts of different shapes and dimensions. We offer an impressive variety of tastes like candy, vanilla taste, blueberry, butter whisky and dark woodlands. What’s more, you can also purchase eggless desserts at our website.


Choose to offer birthday party desserts to Zirakhpur via our web website and floor your personal one. If the receiver is your lover, you can pick our center formed candy sweet and pair something special like a stuffed bear or a box of candies or any other. This will be an perfect existing for your really like. Otherwise, if you want which makes it customized, offer us a picture of you or your really like, and we can produce a picture sweet for you. This will never fail to impress your receiver. Chocolate desserts and dark woodlands desserts can be sent to kids, teenagers as well as adults.


Our specialized Elegant desserts and fresh fruit desserts are fantastic for exclusive activities wherein many individuals participate. These desserts are really mouthwatering generating with good quality components and seasonal fresh fruits. Moreover, you can decide to offer your sweet as a combo pack along with other presents such as blossoms, teddies, candies and credit cards. This will certainly mean a lot to you and your receiver and will strengthen your relationship more and more.


There are too many advantages of delivering desserts via web shops. Since they are open 24×7, you could make an purchase anytime and on any day. We also offer evening time distribution solutions and same day distribution solutions, thereby allowing you to sense tension totally free.

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Before purchasing lovely on the internet ensures that the marriage lovely will become clean for you. Your lovely should undoubtedly look excellent, because at the end of the day you will have visitors who will judge your party with the look of your lovely.

Along with the appearance, the taste of the marriage lovely should also are very effective. A lovely which does not flavor excellent is not appreciated by the visitor, no issue how excellent it appears to be. So order your Delicious cure of lovely on the internet lovely distribution in Delhi   and get number of

When you are with your friends; especially the best ones, everything seems to be more lively and cheerful. When you are in their company, even the boring lectures get intriguing and equally engrossing for you. Friendship has no boundaries, no formalities and has no set rules.

And from the best ones, you will discover your best buddy who understands you very well and he is always there for you. Yes, you can call him your Best Friend- a buddy for lifelong. With whom you discuss the sweetest form of really like. Due to close buddies, your life’s incidents become golden memories!

Celebrate relationship with your bestirs buddies and get them to encounter exclusive. Celebration of relationship day is imperfect without reducing a yummy relationship day lovely. A lovely or cup sweets will add more sweet taste in your bond.

Do you have what can be known as a ‘baker’s Midas touch’? Does every bit of sticky dough, every sprinkle of snowy flour, every dash of confectioner’s sugar, every last swirl of frosting turn into gold as soon as you’re finished with it? Do your buddies constantly praise the scrumptious sweets you come up every birthday party, Christmas or holiday – and do your children, along with theirs, can’t help sticking their little fingers in for an idea of your heavenly icing? Then you just might have what it takes to start an internet based lovely selling business! Selling homemade sweets on the internet not only requires the best talent in cake-making, but also in marketing your products online!

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The temperature has been rising steadily since Memorial Day. Finally, summer season has officially arrived. While summer season may not be the busiest season for presenting, there are many events to be celebrated, such as birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, and family members get together.

One of the joys of the summer season time is to relax in the backyard garden and watch the birds. A existing that enables your recipient to love this particular is a birdhouse existing. Dessert sweets are excellent existing for picnic in the park or barbecue in the backyard. Chiffon sweets are especially suitable for summer season because of their light texture and low fat.

You can engage in orange cream, lemon or key lime chiffon sweets. These lovely dessert offer a delightful lovely ending to the picnic. If you prefer the taste of butter, then you probably will relish the rich flavor of black velvet lovely. So go to lovely distribution in Delhi   and order you exclusive summer season lovely from here.


The candy lovely is one of the mostly eaten sweets today with hundreds of different types, shapes and sizes it awesome how far cookery has come. This sort of lovely has been around for 100’s of years have been improved on many periods. This type of lovely has a history that dates right returning to 1764. This is when Dr. James Baker created the discovery on steps to develop candy by grinding cocoa beans between two massive circular stones. After few years in 1828 a method were developed by Conrad Van Hutten. This used mechanical extraction which extracted the fat from cacao liquor resulting cacao butter and partly defatted cocoa, a compacted mass of solids that could be solid as it was “rock cocoa” or ground into powder. In the 1980s candy decadence sweets were highly sought after. While in 1900s individuals molten sweets with liquid candy centres and infused chcoclates with exotic flavors such as tea and many more. In the existing day you will see all sorts of candy lovely from your fudge moist lovely to drier plain candy lovely. So for purchasing your candy lovely check out to on the internet lovely distribution in Delhi

As the name says it all. This is one of most favorite lovely recipes to whip up for visitors of every age groups from kid to senior citizen. Chocolate when mix to any fresh fruit or lovely build a very delightful mixture. Chocolate sponge creates a finger licking twist with any of your favorite frosting.

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Birthday existing can be difficult to select, particularly as individuals get older. A bestseller is an ideal existing, as it can provide someone a lot of pleasure over a time period and if they truly appreciate it they can return to it to re-read it again after a time period. But there are also many other options.

Cakes can be a better option to existing anyone. There are some excellent lovely shops around but you can even have your sweets delivered, or buy sweets on the internet these periods, and actually, there is something fascinating about a lovely distribution, almost in the same way that unexpected bunch of blossoms turns up on the doorstep.

It is funny how often the unexpected shock is what truly can make any special event stand out in the memory and something as easy as a delightful slice of sponge lovely could be just the element to reach that goal. So order the finger licking clean lovely on the internet lovely distribution in Delhi    .


Who doesn’t really like sweets after a heavy meal, especially cakes? There is no denying the fact that most of you crave for a soft and delightful pastry now and then and, why not? Pastries are one of the most beloved foods on the globe. What sets these items apart is the fact that there are innumerable variations of it that exist on the globe.

In almost every other company, you will come across sweets being produced in different procedures. Birthdays and weddings are the events where sweets are must. Without them, the event seems all the more imperfect. But choosing the best lovely for your event is extremely hard aspect.

If you are hosting a party, you would naturally want your item developed in a manner that it compliment your theme. And most critical facet of any meal is its taste. So order your delightful lovely from lovely distribution in Delhi     and get the distribution at your doorstep at plenty of your energy and effort you want, and luxuriate in your event.

Be it any season of the season, lovely time is always the best time. It doesn’t really issue what season is up! And with us, it absolutely doesn’t issue. When we say summer season, all we could think about is of scorching heat creating sweaty and sticky!

We have all sorts of sweets which not only suits every palate but also build a excellent cure throughout, whether if you have any special event or without any special event. While vanilla & candy sweets are definitely crowd pleasers, but there are many more for you like blueberry, apple etc.

online lovely distribution in Delhi   gives you different types of flavors for all events. June there are many exotic flavors for all event. Be it Birthday, Anniversaries and any other event they have all for creating your event awesome.

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After spending decades in this globe, I have observed a basic problem with the human with mankind. We all think we’ve time. Instead of taking every time as a existing, we proper care more about the one to come next. We keep preparing for the upcoming at the cost of the awesome existing.

Knowing that the time is already gone and it won’t ever issue how much you planned on it if stayed, it’s a chance to focus on the ‘now’! The instant that you are living. Make a family member satisfied now! Bring a grin to someone’s face now! Don’t wait for the best time basically ensure it is. Celebrate each day with joy and pleasure. Enjoy every satisfied minutes with delightful lovely and luxuriate in the time and ensure it is unforgettable. You can also go to web shops for purchasing sweets, you don’t have to go to real shop for purchasing sweets. Just check out to on the internet lovely distribution in  Delhi    and order your cure.

If you have recently started working in a workplace or are looking for employment in an offices, it is essential realise the pitfalls and dangers that lurk around every corner. One of these, and perhaps the most important, is the vicious circle of consumption that take position every day.

In workplace the sweets or sweets should be brought into any workplace on the events like birthday party, leaving day, holidays and many other. It can be any special event, all it demands an original cure for all your buddies who discuss workplace with you. Provide them with a delightful lovely cure buy just purchasing it in a basically click.

So go to web shops to shop delightful lovely cure for all your workplace buddies and build your initiatives and effort unforgettable. For purchasing lovely just check out to on the internet lovely distribution in Gurgaon here you will get all you want and which creates your party remarkable.

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